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Digital Hearing aids are programmed to results obtained from pure tone audiometry. In theory, this determines the level of amplification required to fully correct the hearing loss. Is it as simple as that?

Unfortunately, no. Pure tone audiometry establishes the quietest sounds you can hear in relation to audiometric zero (‘normal’ hearing thresholds – for people aged between 18 and 45). The results do not take into account the acoustic properties of the ear canal and ear drum and how these factors will respond to amplification.

Verification and Validation

The Real Ear Measurement (REM) fitting protocol takes into account the acoustic properties of the ear canal and can accurately measure the effects of introducing sound into the ear canal. REM fitting is the most accurate means of verification and fine tuning your digital hearing aid prescription to your individual requirements. Although this is the most accurate means of setting your hearing aid prescription to optimise clarity, it is generally not used in practise at any private hearing aid clinic on the high street. This advanced and accurate verification is a standard part of your hearing aid fitting with Micro Technology Ltd.

Although there are multiple causes for sudden onset of hearing loss, the most common cause of age related hearing loss is presbycusis (slow gradual high frequency sensorineural hearing loss that develops in the cochlear/inner ear). In view of the slow progressive nature of the loss, the brain becomes accustomed to not hearing certain tones. Hearing aid validation takes into account the length of time the loss has been present and hearing aid programming is set to help you rehabilitate to corrective amplification at a gradual and comfortable level.

Your audiologist will outline your patient journey and what to expect from your hearing aids as the brain builds up a picture of sounds it has become unaccustomed to hearing. The end result is a comfortable period of adjustment and the welcome restoration of clarity.

The cost of your hearing aid prescription includes the aftercare* for your hearing aids. This includes regular servicing at six-monthly intervals where we will recalibrate your hearing aids and re-assess your hearing loss.

All of our products are fitted with a 60 day money back guarantee. Cancellations within 60 days will incur a 5% administration fee.

Interest-free payment options are available, subject to status. Contact us on 01206 823602.

* Aftercare included: 2 Follow-up appointments following fitting then 6-monthly reviews for the duration of the warranty. Home Visit reviews are £25 per appointment. Service visits will incur a consultancy fee of £25 (home visits will also have a transit charge).

Independent hearing health care expertise – micro suction ear wax removal and diagnostic hearing assessments.


15% of the adult population globally have some degree of hearing
loss (WHO, 2011).


75% of adults with hearing loss are 65 years and younger (WHO,


95% of people with hearing loss can benefit from using hearing aids (Kochkin, 2005).


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